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Really Watch Me Stamp by AdreosReally Watch Me Stamp by AdreosReally Watch Me Stamp by Adreos

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Underwater by CoffArt
by CoffArt

Been a long time since I wrote a review. I stumbled on your art in the "suggested" category and I think you just earned a watcher lol I...

Woundless and Hopeless by mmishee
by mmishee

ah ha! ever since i got a subby to change my name i might as well write a critique again :dummy: a-b-s-o-l-u-t-l-y amazing job, for sure one ...

Mondays by Davidgtza2Mondays by Davidgtza2Mondays by Davidgtza2


Lunge [BG added] by Manice008
Lunge [BG added]
(feel free to ignore update)

Ok so... this drawing has a bit of backstory to it. I drew this about 3 years ago. I didnt like how it looked at all but I liked the idea so I just threw it in my picture folder and let it stay there until I completely forgot about it. I was cleaning out some folders and I ran across it. I threw it back into photoshop and went to town removing anything I didnt like or didnt feel right. by the time I was done all i had left was about a wire frame and a headache. pressing on I redrew the pose added details, and went through the motions and this is where I felt I was done toying with it. I could sit here for another 2 days poking at it but there reaches a point your not really adding anything to the picture anymore. 

I didnt know what do do for a background :iconanimalgirl098: threw together a simple one that I thank her for :)

Also it is a more busy pose but its for the most part the cleanest picture I have done with his armor set. I guess i'll use this as a better reference. until I fix up an older picture to be a reference I drew myself :laughing:

Manice (c) me
Drawing (C) me
Underwater by CoffArt
Been a long time since I wrote a review. I stumbled on your art in the "suggested" category and I think you just earned a watcher lol

I digress

first off I love the color pallet, lovely job with the blending and general "fluid feel" to everything, it really does feel like she is floating there and her outfit matches very well along with its design. I also love your style of shading with hair. looks great. I'm a sucker for well done eyes and these are no exception.

as for improvement (great view from my glass house)
a few lines dont look as smooth example being the tentacle tip on the upper right is a bit off, but nothing distracting. are you freehanding out outlines or is it a pen tool/illustrator program?

I could sit here in go in detail with everything but we have a short time here so i'll leave it there.

overall 7.5/10 ^_^
Ok so old guy here returning to new features. how do I put avatar sized pictures in comments (are they called "Chat Friendly Emotes"?", all i know is "plz" accounts.

been fixing old pictures on my hard drive I never finished/uploaded by gutting them and for the most part starting over. some of these pictures are years old. so far Im very happy how the first one is turning out. :D
I'm still alive! (believe it or not) I'm getting back into things here. Glad to see so many fimilar faces still poking around and sad to see a few missing. but plenty of new faces im sure I will love to meet. cant wait to see what you all have coming up for drawings. 

Big news here I wanna thank the talented artist "R-no71" (how do you link avatars/links in this new status update thing?...its new to me, old way doesn't seem to work) for doing a commission for a new avatar. I had that last one for probably over 6 years. probably gonna miss it but I felt it was time for an update. 

as you may have saw I never really left. I did upload things here and there and I have gotten pretty confident in my work so its time to bump difficulty up a bit (probably gonna regret that) 
I got a few pictures I'm working on and I plan on refurbishing an older one for reference since I do like its clarity, but i'll cross that bridge when I get there. 

until then. take it easy

your ol' pal
I may not draw very much anymore but I do doddle allllll the time. if something really catches my eye that I doodled I'll expand on it. 
I am currently working on a book actually. little here and there on breaks at work actually. 

maybe i'll start thrown up chapters once im sure they wont be re-edited lol

anyway please do take a look around. and check out my facebook page to get updates on my art and youtube videos :)… <= facebook:


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